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Treat Customers, Clients, and Co-Workers Like Diamonds

By Desi Payne - Super Blogger - Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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While visiting London, England, I was able to visit the Tower of London. There, you will find the Queen’s jewels, which include the largest diamond in the world, the Cullinan Diamond, valued at 400 million dollars. Since its discovery in Cullinan, South Africa in 1905, not only did the value go up, but it’s been split into nine different pieces. You will find it on the Queen’s scepter, crown, necklaces, and rings. Words cannot describe the brilliance of such stunning diamonds. As you walk by the guarded glass cases, you can sense the awe and respect of every visitor that passes by those jewels. That day I pondered not only the value of those diamonds, but how much more important it is to value people. ...Read More

Ten Things A Big Dream Will Do For You

By Desi Payne - Super Blogger - Thursday, May 09, 2019
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Recently I felt like I won a gold medal at the Olympics when I was awarded the prestigious honor to speak on the stage at the John Maxwell International Leadership Conference. It really was a dream come true, as I had auditioned two other times and felt like I had failed miserably over a four-year period. If you don’t give up on the dream you have in your heart, here are ten things I found a Big Dream will do for you:
1. Stretches You (Ouch)
2. Motivates You (That’s good)
3. Keeps you awake at night (Sometimes that’s not good)
4. Helps you get out of bed (Provides energy)
5. Gets you out of your comfort zone (Ouch again)
6. Generates excitement (When you’re getting close to the finish line)
7. Keeps you alive (Non-dreamers act dead)
8. Makes you more resilient (If you don’t give up)
9. Changes your life (You will have more confidence)
10. Inspires others (You will set an example)
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney
 ...Read More