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Super Heroes and Super Stress

By Desi Payne - Super Blogger - Monday, January 16, 2017
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Have you ever imagined yourself as a Super Hero? C’mon, nobody’s looking, you can answer the question. Of course you have! Even with the tightest spandex on – you see yourself with no bulges, a six-pack, muscles popping out everywhere, and a sparkle from your teeth when you flash that incredible smile. Or as a female, the perfect figure fitting perfectly into that skin-tight costume without holding your breath and doing a flip or two in the air as you move toward your menace that you will take down with one swift kick.

Then what kind of Super Hero would you be like? Would you be Spiderman shooting his web and swinging from one building to another? Would you be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Or would you prefer to vent your anger through the all-encompassing Hulk? The list is huge as to what kind of super hero you’re going to be.

You might be asking, “Why a Super Blog on Super Heroes?” Because there is a villain out there that wants to destroy you. It may be lurking on your job, at home, or within you. That villain wants to take you down. There is a name for that villain. It’s called SUPER STRESS.

I want to help you defeat that sinister super-villain. My name is Desi, a real life Super Hero because my job is to Destroy Excess Stress Issues.


Everybody deals with super stress and no one is exempt from it. If you have stress on the job, it affects your home. If you have stress at home, it affects your job. Super stress affects your health, your brain, your heart, and your relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, stress is great if you’re being attacked by a bear and your adrenaline and cortisone kick in. Super Stress is when you have it day after day after day after day and it doesn’t seem to let up. Reducing that stress starts with doing something or even one thing. Here are five of my “100 Stress Busters” to help you have more peace and joy in life.

  • Breathe deeply
  • Get a massage
  • Watch a funny movie and laugh
  • Get more sleep
  • Go for a walk


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