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By Desi Payne - Super Blogger - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Last week I had the extraordinary opportunity to go with 250 John Maxwell Team Members to Costa Rica to make history in transforming a country. Our mission was to train people to facilitate value-based round tables. We trained 15,000 people and in two weeks they will be facilitating round tables for approximately 90,000 people. When people are themselves transformed, then that will affect those around them and their organizations.

We went into small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, government, and non-profit organizations. We all went on our own expense and to receive no personal gain except the satisfaction of serving and helping the people of Costa Rica. On the last day we partnered with Hope Partners International and went into at-risk schools to serve children and the faculty. When I heard we were going into schools, I jumped at the opportunity and worked with the coordinators to allow me to perform magic shows with a message four different times. The Principal said that probably most of all the students had never seen a magic show. To see their eyes light up when they saw me do a trick was so much fun. When we all walked in, the students clapped and cheered. Before the day was over, I know I had received hundreds of hugs. Yet, it was heart-breaking to know that many of these kids live with poverty, broken homes, drug-addicted family members, and sexual abuse. I believe our visit gave them hope and encouragement. It just takes one person to start a transformation in a country.

If you don’t know, I’ve applied for a grant with Fed Ex to go into 50 cities to reach 50 schools with my Super Hero Respect Show for elementary students or Youth Max for teen students. To find out more and to vote for me please click the button below.

Please vote for me! Winning this Fed Ex Grant would allow me to go into a large number of schools to teach students about respect, valuing one another, bully prevention, and the dangers of cyber-bullying. School budgets are slim and we live in a day and age when this message is absolutely vital. Thank you for your support...every vote counts!

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