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What is your AQ (Attitude Quotient)?

Rate the following:

5 Always

4 Most of the Time

3 Sometimes

2 Hardly ever

1 Never


_____ I love my present job.

_____ I get along well with all my co-workers.

_____ I give compliments or words of encouragement to others.

_____ When life doesn’t go my way, I easily adapt.

_____ I’m a positive thinker.

_____ When problems arise, I look for solutions and don’t give up.

_____ I’m good at managing stress.

_____ When I fail, I dust myself off and get back in the ring.

_____ I easily shrug off negative comments people make to or about me.    

_____ I look for the good in all people.                


You're unbelievably optimistic!


You have a great attitude and you’d be awesome to work with!  Continue to infect others.


Your attitude is pretty good but might need some polishing in a few areas.  No worries, everyone needs polishing!   Are you under a lot of stress?  You might think about taking my course “Manage Stress Without Losing Your Mind.”  Here is a coupon code to get it half-price: GOTSTRESS?


Your attitude may need CPR!  Read my book again and highlight what resonates with you, Contact me to COACH you through any attitude struggles and you may also benefit from my course, “Manage Stress Without Losing Your Mind.” Here is a coupon code to get it half- price: GOTSTRESS? You might also talk with your managers about having me come in and do some professional development.

Learn to manage stress in my online course!

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