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The Secrets to Managing Toxic Co-workers

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You will learn:

*How to have less stress on the job

*Be more productive

*Be happier on the job

*Get along well with others    


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Yes! You can survive working among the Living Dead; you can learn to deal with lifeless and negative people in the workplace. Desi Payne, author and humorous motivational speaker, will teach you strategies on how to handle negative people and the situations they create. You will learn about the different types of workplace zombies and what to do if you get infected by one of them. You will learn how to deal with the "living dead," the people who drag themselves into work, bite and devour one another with their words, act negatively, and in general, exhibit little to no life. In this book, you will learn how to adminster "CPR," reboot your brain, manage stress, apply strategies that work, laugh more at work and in life, and get along with other people. Your attitude affects your entire day, your life, and your success: Don't let workplace zombies drain these away!  

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