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Your Communication Style

DISC Desi Payne Motivational Humorist and Funny Keynote Speaker

Why is it that some people...?

Are very task-oriented

Are more people-oriented

Are so outgoing and fast-paced

Are reserved and slower-placed


Why are some people...?

Dominant, Driving, Demanding, Determined

Inspirational, Influencing, Interacting, Interesting

Stable, Steady, Sentimental, Shy

Cautious, Careful, Concerned, Calculating       


Many times we don't get along with other people because we don't understand that we are all wired differently.  If we understand that we all work at different paces, think differently, and function differently, we will work better with other team members.  DISC personality traits show us why we are different.  This session will show you your strong and weak traits, which will help you succeed on your job and communicate more effectively.  A very fun and helpful workshop to create a culture of cohesive teamwork and a better working environment.


Learning Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Identity the four Communication/Personality/Behavior Styles

  • Describe their personal Communication/Personality/Behavior Style

  • Explain how to successfully engage and interact with styles that are different than their own.

  • Discuss how to flex and adapt their personal communication style to gain greater connection with others and reduce conflict


OPTIONAL:  Participants can take their own on-line DISC assessments


Audience:  Senior Management, Leadership Teams, Employees

Format:  Breakout

Time: 2 hours


Desi Payne Motivational Humorist and Funny Keynote Speaker

"Very funny and engaging!"

– M.Lane

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 DISC Method Desi Payne Motivational Humorist and Funny Keynote Speaker

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