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Have you had a stressful day, week, or month? Make sure you are intentional about incorporating “stressbusters” into your daily routine. These will help you manage stressful times. Of course, dark chocolate is one of my favorites, and if you’ve subscribed to my You Tube channel (Desi Payne), you will find I’m in a series right now sharing thirteen different types of good dark chocolate and their health benefits. But if you’re not a chocolate fan, then here you go:


Ask for help

Ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year?”

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

Avoid conflict

Avoid eating lunch at a desk

Avoid interruptions

Bake chocolate chip cookies

Be prepared

Beat the rush

Believe in yourself

Breathe deeply

Build a relationship with people who energize you

Burn a candle

Button your lips

Buy a bird feeder

Change the way you think

Chew a piece of gum


Choose an affirmation phrase

Clean out a drawer or closet


Count your blessings

Concentrate on one thing at a time

Consciously tense and then relax every muscle in your body at bedtime

Count your blessings

Cry on a friend’s shoulder

Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate


Do a creative activity or project

Do a crossword or jigsaw puzzle

Do nothing

Do not obsess over things you can’t control

Do not over-commit

Do one thing at a time

Do something nice for someone

Do yoga or Pilates stretches

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t rely on memory, write everything down

Don’t speed

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t text and drive

Download joke of the day

Drink stress-reducing teas: Passion Flower, Hawthorn, Siberian Ginseng, Chamomile

Drive mindfully


Eat 70% dark chocolate

Eat a protein-filled breakfast

Eat chocolate chip cookie dough (occasionally)

Eat foods high in magnesium

Eat foods high in Omega-3 Fats

Enjoy aromatherapy


Fly a kite

Forget perfectionism

Forgive someone

Gain a new perspective

Get a manicure with a friend

Get a pedicure with a friend

Get comfortable

Get duplicate car, house, and work keys (You’ll be glad you did!)

Get a massage

Get organized

Get reflexology

Get rid of annoying noises

Get some “me time”

Get a babysitter

Get happy on purpose

Give or get a hug

Get up 15 minutes earlier

Get a smile stick at www.thepowerofsmiling

Go camping

Go fishing

Go for a drive

Go for a walk

Go horseback riding

Go shopping (don’t overspend)

Go swimming

Go to an auction

Go to church

Go to the park

Go for a green smoothie which will give you an energy boost

Go for ginger or wheatgrass shots to build immunity which combats stress

Have a good cry

Have a heart-to-heart talk with someone

Help someone in need

Hide in a bathroom stall and just shut your eyes


Indulge in a favorite treat periodically

Invite Ben & Jerry over occasionally

Knit or crochet

Laugh at yourself

Laugh with friends

Laugh out loud—very loud

Learn from mistakes

Learn to delegate

Leave work at the door

Let go of control

Let go of unforgiveness

Let go of the past

Listen to a motivational speaker

Listen to a sermon

Listen to music

Listen to ocean waves or rain on your MP3 when you go to bed

Listen to podcasts

Live in the present

Lock yourself in a bathroom

Look at old photos or family movies

Look for a different job

Major on the major and minor on the minor things of life

Make a budget & stick to it

Make a lifestyle change

Make a sign that says FOCUS MODE: Please come back in 30 minutes

Make a TO DO list

Make someone a home-cooked meal

Make someone smile or laugh

Manage your time

Massage your temples

Meditate on good things

Meet up with good friends

Move on if there is nothing you can do

Organize your drawer of recharging cords & label them

Organize your home

Pause & Reflect

Plan a vacation

Plan your meals

Plant a garden

Play a game with friends or family

Play a relaxation CD

Play cards with friends or family

Praise God


Prioritize tasks

Put 1st things 1st

Put on uplifting music

Put something back you really don’t need to buy

Quit judging others

Reach out to close friends

Reach out to positive people

each out to family

Read a book or magazine

Realize you can’t please everyone

Recall a past success

Reduce someone else’s stress

Reduce spending

Reject negativity

Remember that each day is a gift from God

Remove distractions

Ride a bike

Roll your shoulders in a circular motion

Save money through

Say NO to extra projects

Stay committed to your plan

Schedule tasks and do them

See a counselor

See a doctor

See a financial advisor

Shut mind chatter off

Shut off the computer or phone

Simplify the holidays


Sleep more

Smell a rose

Smell lavender or eucalyptus oil


Spend a day shopping, preparing, cooking, packaging food for future use

Spend less

Spend time with your pets

Stand or sit & stretch your arms out from side to side

Start Tai Chi

Stop doing stupid stuff

Spend intimate time with your spouse

Start a blog

Start a college fund—you’ll be glad you did 18 years later

Start a garden

Start a new hobby

Start saving money for a trip

Stay hydrated with H20


Take 3 deep breaths

Take a break from your computer screen

Take a brisk 10-minute walk

Take a Dave Ramsey $ class

Take a hot bath with Epsom salts & light a candle

Take a multi-vitamin & fish oils

Take a nap

Take care of something hanging over your head

Take DHEA to pump up your adrenal glands

Take your shoes off

Take short breaks to recharge the brain

Talk to someone about your concerns

Take a martial arts class (or marital arts)

Tell someone “I appreciate you”

Tell someone “I love you”

Think opportunities

Turn the news off

Volunteer your time

Walk on a beach

Watch a comedian on YouTube

Watch a funny TV show or movie

Watch a classic or your favorite movie

Watch an old TV show from your childhood on YouTube

Wear an eye mask at night

Write in a journal

ZZZZZZZZZZ’s – Get More!!!!


Your Stress Less Coach

The Attitude Adjuster

The Progress Lady

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