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Chocolate as a Superfood

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I had never thought of chocolate to be naked until I read Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie. The authors, Wolfe, a leading nutritionist guru in America, and Shazzie, the UK’s most progressive health educator, teamed up to write the book. They said that chocolate is good for you. In fact, “It’s the best food ever.”

So today’s blog features their raw chocolate called Sacred Chocolate. I was amazed with the flavor and pureness of the chocolate. Their chocolate is unroasted, stone-ground, organic, vegan, and sweetened with maple, inulin, or erythritol. It is ethically traded from Ecuador.

Their book, which also features 60 original recipes with chocolate, also details the health benefits (which includes reducing stress), the history of chocolate, and the phenomenal, enlightening power of cacao beans. Below is an excerpt from their book:

“One day Shazzie and I were visiting our friends Ethan and Eli in Maui. We were peeling cacao beans for a smoothie and Eli asked me, “Have you ever just eaten one?” And the truth was, I hadn’t. So I peeled one and just as I bit into a tremendous download of information hit me. It was a life-changing experience. I was surprised to discover how incredible it is to eat raw cacao beans by themselves—to eat NAKED CHOCOLATE.

“The typical commercial chocolate sample will contain a mixture of the alkalized cacao powder, cacao butter, genetically-modified soy lecithin, vanilla extrac,t and refined sugar. Milk chocolate contains powdered milk with its harmful antioxidant-blocking properties and a vast array of pesticide residue and artificial hormone residues that have been fed to the animal.”

I highly recommend their chocolate products which can be found at

To order my new book, Give Me Some Chocolate…I’m Stressed! go to

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