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Complaining on the Job

Complaining on the Job

After having surgery a year ago (torn ligament on the bottom of my foot), I told myself, “Scooting myself up and down the stairs numerous times a day is definitely going to make my triceps bigger and stronger and my core muscles hard as a brick.” That’s what you do when you can’t bear weight on your foot for several months. When we are not laid up from a surgery, how many times do we complain when we have to make dinner, wash clothes, get up to get the TV remote five feet away, or get a glass of ice water? When you’re not able to, you wish so much you could hop right up and do those things.

Speaking of hopping, my right thigh will look like Iron Man's thighs, as much as I hop around the house. On a humorous note, my husband said I should work atI-Hop. Anyway, it struck me funny at the time. Back to my point. It’s easy to take everyday, simple things in life for granted.

I Googled what “take for granted” really meant. As an idiom…it means you don’t appreciate something’s existence or the benefits it may provide.  In the second sense, “take (someone, something) for granted” means to underestimate the value of that person or thing. In other words, to expect someone or something to be always available.

I’m sure there are days when the daily grind of your work has the same impact: Complaining customers, creepy boss, workload, lazy employees, irritable people, and so forth. But what if you didn’t have a job? What would the impact really be like? No money to pay bills, buy groceries, and get gas. Hmmmmm, sometimes we take things in life for granted. Make the most and best of every situation you encounter every day. Learn to be grateful and quit complaining. I remember Nick Vujicic, the amazing inspirational speaker who has no arms and legs, telling the story of how he had to lie in bed because he injured his “chicken leg” foot. He said, “So this is what it’s like to be disabled?”  Take the time to smell the roses today and never take people or things in your life for granted.

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