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Dark Chocolate and Eyesight

I have absolutely loved researching the benefits of dark chocolate and how it can reduce stress, and at the same time eating all the amazing dark chocolate varieties. One that I found totally different from all of them is OMG! Snacks found on Etsy. Who would of thought about dipping matzah crackers in dark chocolate? Owner Amanda Joel, from Los Angeles, California, started her business on Etsy in 2017. It all started when she was going to a friend’s house for Passover and she was in charge of bringing a dessert. Her mom gave her the recipe for the Matzah toffee. She wanted to try it with Glute-Free Matzah, because at the time, she was eating gluten free. Everyone loved it and encouraged her to start selling. The rest is history. She has a large variety now and just over the last Passover weekend sold 565 bags.

Going back to stress and dark chocolate, poor eyesight can be aggravating and stressful. I’ve never thought of chocolate as being beneficial to my eyesight. But according to research published in Physiology & Behavior and Men’s Journal, the researchers found that participants who consumed dark chocolate with 720 mg of cocoa flavanols experienced enhanced visual performance—like detecting motion and reading low contrast letters—likely due to the increased blood flow to the retina and brain. I keep finding reasons why I can feel guilt-free in eating dark chocolate! (Of course, in moderation.)

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