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Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress

At all times, I have my secret stash of dark chocolate. Not only do I reach for it on a stressful day, but I also eat it because I know 65% or more cacao dark chocolate has huge health benefits. Here is a list of why it’s so good for you.

*Powerful source of antioxidants

*Raises your HDL

*Boosts memory

*Boosts cognitive function

*Supports heart health

*The dopamine rush improves mood

*High in potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K, selenium, calcium, and phosphorus

*Full of resveratrol, which may inhibit the development of cancer

*Rich in theobromine, which strengthens tooth enamel

*Increases blood flow to the brain

*May reduce risk for stroke

*May lower blood pressure

*Helps control blood sugar

*Full of flavonoids

*Protects skin

*Releases endorphins

*Reduces stress

*Tastes amazing!!

So start stocking up and sneak it into your day as needed!

My name is Desi and I'm the Attitude Aduster

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