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Dark Chocolate & Your Skin

“Eating chocolate will make your face break out.” Did you ever hear that when you were a teenager? I did on countless occasions. But if you’re going through adolescence, your face is going to break out! Granted, if I ate chocolate which was full of junk (sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives, chemicals, dairy, etc.),) then yes, my face would have broken out. But the fact of the matter is this: Dark chocolate, in its purest form, without all the junk added, is considered a health food. Not only that, it’s good for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, flavonoids to protect you from skin damage, and antioxidants which will also protect skin cell damage. So go ahead, eat that chocolate, if it’s in a healthy form.

Today I’m featuring Theo Chocolate, which had delicious chocolate. One of my favorites was the Orange Dark Chocolate. They have a large variety to choose from, so check them out at

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