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Save Time on Reservations

Would you like to know how to save countless hours of time? Not only time, but stress and frustration? A few weeks ago, I was making hotel reservations for several upcoming business trips. On one particular trip, I found the perfect hotel in Ponca City, Oklahoma, which is right outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma. If you’re a Pioneer Woman fan, then you know where I’m talking about. I’m going to treat myself to checking out Ree Drummond’s Mercantile and Lodge. I made my reservations through a very well known third party. In fact, I’ve used them for years and have always been very happy with them. After I hit the SEND button on my reservation, I sighed with relief that it was one thing off my to-do list. About ten minutes after I made the reservation, I looked at my calendar which was lying open on my desk and realized I had made it on the 30th of the wrong month. I had a trip that day, but it was not a stayover. I quickly called back the third party, and they would not give me a refund. Yes, I know there is no refund for this room, but I made an error ten minutes ago, and would like you to change the reservation to the right month.

Four weeks later and many long phone calls later….and you know how long it takes to get through, and when you finally get through, you’re put on hold several times and probably have a hard time understanding the person from a foreign country who doesn’t speak your language.

So then, I had to contact the hotel and get their permission for me to have the room cancelled for me to get the refund. (This took several calls.) Then I got emails from Expedia (oops, did I tell you who that third party was?) saying they could not reach anyone from the hotel to get permission. Later, they cancelled the wrong reservation. Should I go on? No, as I have another page worth. So the BEST way to save time is to DOUBLE CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK all the information before you hit the CONFIRM or SEND BUTTON. Believe me, you will save so much time, stress, and frustration. After forty-five minutes on the phone yesterday, it was finally resolved and I have a room. Think before you hit the send button!


Thanks for watching! Desi

Your Stress Less Coach

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