The Evolution of a Laugh

Did you know that laughing has many physiological and emotional benefits? My blog this week was very fun to make. The evolution of a laugh ranges from a smirk, smile, grin, snicker, giggle, chuckle, chortle, laugh, guffaw, howl, shriek, roar, and convulse to die laughing. Let’s look at the benefits of laughter.

Laughter will….

Boosts profitability

Boosts T-cells

Breaks down barriers

Burns calories

Contributes to a positive attitude

Creates a connection with people

Creates an inspiring and energized place to work

Decreases anxiety

Dilates blood vessels

Enhances communication

Facilitates open communication

Gives us more energy

Gives us a light-hearted workout

Gives us a natural high

Helps us connect with others

Helps us manage change

Helps us live longer

Improves cardiac health

Improves innovation

Increases oxygen intake

Increases employee engagement

Inspires creativity