Why Dark Chocolate Can Make You Feel Good

There are many reasons why dark chocolate can reduce stress and make you feel good. Many people may associate chocolate with caffeine, but do they ever consider theobromine, which has similar effects as caffeine? Theobromine, formerly known as xantheose, is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant. Theobromine is found in the highest concentrations in the cacao bean, from which chocolate is made. Higher cacao percentage chocolate (progressively darker) has higher theobromine levels, with raw cacao powder being the highest at 20mg/g. Milk chocolate contains 2mg theobromine per 1g of chocolate. Dark chocolate contains on average 9mg/g. White chocolate contains only trace amounts of theobromine because it contains no cocoa solids.

According to the article “8 Potential Health Benefits of the Theobromine Found in Chocolate” (May 4, 2018), research suggests several benefits of dark chocolate. It protects the heart by promoting blood flow and reducing the “bad” cholesterol and improving the “good” cholesterol. It will increase energy, improve cognitive function, strengthen enamel on your teeth, put you in a good mood, be effective as a cough suppressant by increasing air flow, and reduce inflammation.

There are so many good reasons to eat pure chocolate in its rarest form--which leads me to my search for dark chocolate that gives a high return in health benefits. I met two amazing guys by the names of Diego and Nicholas from Tecate, Baja California. Talk about unleashing the power of chocolate! I can’t say enough about their products! The Cacao Tea and Orange Blossom Drinking Chocolate is a great way to jumpstart your day! So delicious! Other products include their 73% Chocolate with either cacao nibs, organic coconut, or cocoa beans. They also have 80% and 96% dark chocolate and will have 100% dark chocolate within the next few months. You can tell from eating any of their chocolate products and even watching the PBS special that they have set high standards for their chocolate. In fact you can watch the chocolate-making process in this very interesting PBS special: https://www.pbs.org/video/kajkab-chocolate-tacos-los-cabos-55tt3p/ Otherwise, you can watch The Progress Lady interview these two guys in this interview included.

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