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Zombies You Meet in Life

Have you ever been to a restaurant, a retail store, or any type of business or organization where the people who wait on you act lifeless, consumed with their cell phone, rude, and as if they don’t really care if you are there or not? In fact, they drag themselves through life and remind you of zombies. I encountered that today at a garage sale. I asked a question about an appliance and the women running the sale seemed put out that I even would ask the question. When I thought maybe she was having a bad day and tried to comment on all the work she had done to get a garage sale put together as large as this one, she growled. Okay, maybe she didn’t growl, but again, she acted lifeless and reminded me of my Webisode, “The Flying Dead.” As I paid for the movies I bought, I told her to have her a good day (by the way, it was a beautiful day), and she growled again. Okay, again it was more of a lifeless thank you.

I remember when I was hired to do training for a company for four years where I would go in once a month and work with employees. There was one lady whom I would see on a consistent basis. I always wanted to tell her to turn her frown upside down. She just seemed lifeless. One day as I was waiting for an elevator, the door opened and out she stepped. I told her to have a nice Christmas and she responded with, “I never have a nice Christmas.” I thought she must have the genes of both Scrooge and the Grinch. But then she said something that made my heart break. She said, “I never have a good Christmas because when I was a child, both of my parents were killed in a car accident.” (Sigh.) I felt so bad for her. Then I realized that there is always a reason why people act the way they do. If we know that, then we’ll be more understanding, compassionate, and tolerant of people who act lifeless. To learn more about how to survive among lifeless and negative people, read Do You Work with the Living Dead? You can buy a copy of my book through Amazon or any retail book seller. Click below to watch Episode One, “The Flying Dead.”


The Attitude Adjuster

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