Do you want to be THE PROGRESSIVE LEADER?  Progressive leaders are more than just leaders.  They are progressing to be effective and magnetic leaders whom people love to follow.  Leadership is an illusion for many "bosses" who command or demand but don't lead.  In this fun, interactive, and high-energy keynote or break-out session, THE PROGRESS LADY uses magic and storytelling to teach you important secrets of success in leading your team.

This keynote program is perfect for:

  • Leaders of any organization

  • Aspiring leaders


The audience will leave with understanding:

  • How to progress as a leader

  • The "illusion" of leadership

  • How leaders can influence their team

  • How words fuel or destroy your team

Kick-off or close your conference with fun, laughter, and high energy!  The progress lady will help your team learn to be resilient, reduce stress, and have a positive attitude.

Here are some laughter benefits: 

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The Progressive Leader Keynote


"Desi is a dynamic and engaging speaker/trainer who commands the stage!"

– Steve Kissell, Virginia Beach, VA











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The Progress Lady promotes her new book "Give Me Some Chocolate...I'm Stressed!" on Hello Iowa vs The Stress Lady and Gimme

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The Stree Lady Appearing on Hello Iowa Cooking Show

The Progress Lady cooks up a Kale Blueberry Salad on Hello Iowa!


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Laughter with The Progressive Leader Keynote