AQ (Attitude Quotient) Test Score Results:

50              You are unbelievably optimistic!  But I would suggest

                  taking the test one more time.

40-49        You have a great attitude and you'd be awesome to

                  work with!  Continue to infect others with your

                  awesome attitude!  You would benefit from reading my

                  book, "Do You Work with the Living Dead?" as it will

                  inspire you to infect others with your positive attitude.

30-39        Your attitude is pretty good but might need some 

                  polishing.  No worries, everyone needs polishing!  My

                  book "Do You Work with the Living Dead?" will help you

                  get polished.

29-Lower  Your attitude may need CPR!  Read my book to learn

                 how to revive your attitude and enjoy life.  Yo will be

                 glad you did!


"Very funny and engaging!"

– M.Lane