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Team Building with Humor to Empower Your Team

It's the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity into an organization.  This is a fun and very interactive workshop which will give team members experience in communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.  This team-building session is fabulous as a follow-up to any of Desi's programs to reinforce what they just learned, or it can be done as a breakout session all its own.  This is also a great after-lunch breakout.


Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how:

  • Laughter builds trust among co-workers

  • Teamwork ignites creativity

  • One is too small a number to achieve greatness

  • It's easier to NOT do anything by yourself

  • Accepting everyone’s ideas can breed new ideas


Audience:  All employees of any organization

Format:  Breakout session

Timeframe: 1-2 hours


"A female Patch Adams"

– Dr. Brian Ortell, Surgeon, Ottumwa Regional Health Center

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