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Give Me Some Chocolate...I'm Stressed!

Does stress wear you down?

Do you stay up at night due to anxiety?

Are you experiencing burn-out?

Or are you frustrated with your workload and the people you work with?


Then you definitely need this session!

Nobody is immune to stress. It affects your health, personal life, and professional life.  You will learn to be intentional about taking care of the stress that is robbing you of your happiness and joy.  This is a very educational and FUN session.


You will learn to manage stress so that you can:

  • Enjoy life

  • Have more energy

  • Be in better physical and mental health

  • Delete a bad attitude

  • Become more productive on the job

  • Get along with the people you work with


Learning Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Manage, reduce, or eliminate stress out of their life

  • Learn the consequences of unmanaged stress

  • Find out what their “Stress Test” results are

  • Implement the "3-L Strategy" (Lifestyle Changes, Let Go, Laugh)

  • Make an action plan to manage stress


Audience:  Any employee dealing with stress on the job or at home

Format:  Keynote or Breakout Session

Timeframe:  60-minute, 90-minute, or half-day

Desi Payne Motivational Speker and Funny Keynote Speaker

"Fantastic! Beautifully Done! "

– M. Hornback

Desi Payne Motivational Speker and Funny Keynote Speaker
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