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Presentation Checklist

Hotel Accommodations

If a room is provided, please reserve one double non-smoking room under the name of Desi Payne as close to the speaking site as possible. 


For groups of fifty or more, a raised platform (stage) is preferable as Desi is short. Desi is very visual and an elevated platform improves sight lines and enjoyment for everyone. The staging should be positioned as close to the front row of audience members as possible to create a setting that is as intimate as possible. While a podium is not necessary, please provide a small table for props, notes, etc.


Please provide a professional quality cordless lavaliere or wireless headset with a brand new battery.


Stagger the chairs. Don’t put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won’t have someone’s head right in front of them to block the view.


No portion of the program may be recorded, filmed, or taped in any other form. Still photos are acceptable. Meeting planner agrees to prevent any such recording without the consent of the speaker.

Laptop / Monitor / Projector

Desi will need a projector to interface with her laptop computer. Because of the embedded graphics, video, and fonts, Desi’s presentation must run from her laptop computer, and will not be transferred to a house laptop. Desi’s laptop will require three connections: 1) a secure VGA connection to the projector(s); 2) a mini-plug sound port connection to the mixing board of the house sound system for audio; and 3) a power strip.


In larger rooms, Desi asks that a screen be positioned slightly off the center of the stage so she is not walking between the beam of the projector and the screen. In smaller rooms, a video screen will need to be positioned in the front corner of the room (in a corner where there are no entry doors). The screen should be positioned so that all audience members can view it. Please exercise care that no direct light is upon the screen—if lights above it cannot be dimmed, please see that they are disconnected.

Handouts / Worksheets

When appropriate, Desi will send a master handout/worksheet to be duplicated for all program participants prior to the presentation, Desi asks that these not be distributed to the audience before her program.

Temperature in the Room is Comfortable

You may want to monitor the temperature during the program. Lots of laughing adults heat a room rapidly!

Are Writing Materials Available?

Will the participants be provided pens and pencils? Is scratch paper available? Will tables be provided? These are all needed if it is a workshop presentation.

Banquet Staff

ARRANGE WITH BANQUET STAFF TO STOP CLEARING AT PRE-ARRANGED SIGNAL. Bussing of tables during an introduction can seriously dampen the mood of the audience. We suggest that you make an announcement 10 min. before the start of the program for anyone wishing to get additional coffee, etc.


Desi will call you a week before your event to confirm all the travel logistics, cell phone numbers, hotel information, etc., and answer any last-minute questions.


Invoice should have been received and payment should be ready at the conclusion of the event. Check should be made out to CDNE, Inc.


Download this Presentation Checklist (PDF)


"AMAZING Never will forget it!"

– K. Dreaden

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