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Christmas Ornaments

STRESS LESS Christmas Checklist

Christmas Cards

Buy Cards & Stamps

Update Christmas Card List

Address & Sign Cards

Stamp & Mail Cards

OR Email Cards

OR Post Card on Social Media

Baking / Cooking

Plan Baked Goods

Make & Freeze Cookie Dough

Bake Freezable Items in Advanced

Plan Holiday Meals & Make Food Lists

Go Grocery Shopping

Order Specialty Items

Enlist Help for Baking/Cooking

Buy Last Minute Perishables

Cook Food

Clean Up: Enlist Help


Make Travel Arrangements

Plan Time Off From Work

Confirm Travel Plans with All

Plan Travel Activities for Kids

Schedule Nail/Hair Appointments

Stock Up on Batteries

Clean House Before Holiday

Clean House After Holiday

Start Shopping for Next Year


Get Wish List from Family

Create a Gift List

Make a Budget

Go Shopping

On-line Shopping

Start Receipt Envelop

Wrap Gifts

Don't Forget Teachers Gifts!

Stocking Stuffers

Fun Activities

Pick Out Tree

Decorate Inside/Outside

Drive by Holiday Lights

Download Christmas Music

Ring Salvation Army Bell

Go See Santa

Christmas Caroling

Go to Church

Read a Christmas Story

Watch Christmas Movies

Donate Toys & Food

Call Relatives on Holiday

Boil Cinnamon, Orange Apple Slices for Homemade Potpourri

Write Thank You Letter to Santa

Put Out Cookies / Milk for Santa

Plan New Year's Eve Party

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