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YouthMax School Assembly

YouthMAX inspires and equips young people to

*Value themselves and others

*Develop and maintain a positive self-image

*Show compassion to others

*Persevere in the midst of adversity

*Create a daily routine of successful attitudes and behavior.


With illusions by Desi and Nick Vujicic's story (via video message), the teachers and students will be engaged and listening to every word. A great assembly for Middle or High Schools

Nick Vujicic and Desi Payne Motivational Speaker and Funny Keynote Speaker
Desi Payne Motivational Speker and Funny Keynote Speaker YouthMax

I AM RESILIENT Teen School Assembly

A program to help MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS bounce back when life is difficult.

Desi Payne Motivational Speker and Funny Keynote Speaker

Now, more than any time in history, we are all facing tremendous upheaval and uncertainty.  Teens are especially facing emotional and social turbulence.  This 50-minute session will help students learn to:

  1. Get back up.

  2. Take Responsibility

  3. Learn from mistakes.

  4. Never Give Up.

  5. Ask for help.

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