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12 Traveling Hacks (Part One)

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Do you get stressed out when you think about traveling for business or even pleasure? If that answer is yes, then I have some great traveling hacks to help you reduce stress so that you can enjoy your trip.

1. Be Organized. This will save you time and reduce stress. I always begin with a

TRAVEL LIST which is on my computer. I print it off and use it as a checklist to

help me remember what to take on my trip. I have one for vacations and one

for business. I made a sample of one for you below:

Travel Checklist
Download PDF • 59KB

2. Make sure your luggage tag has a cover on it to protect yourself from strange

people. Also, make sure you only write your name and cell number on the tag. You do not

want to give away your address in case it gets into the wrong hands.

3. Sometimes luggage tags get torn off in transit. Write your name and cell

number on a large piece of paper and place it in your suitcase so that someone

will see it if they open it.

4. Add something to the luggage handle to identify your luggage, such as bright

tape, a colorful bandana, or material. I use pink material with polka dots. I

have picked up luggage identical to mine only to discover it was someone


5. Take photos of your luggage. This will be helpful if it gets lost. Yes, it’s

happened to me before.

6. If you do not have TSA PreCheck, I highly recommend it. It saves so much time,

and the fact that I don’t have to take my shoes off is well worth it. You can

click here for more information:

7. If you have TSA PreCheck, make sure you have your “Traveler Known Number”

on your phone or with you. I have checked in before only to find out it was not

on my boarding pass. There is a TSA icon now on my driver’s license after I

renewed it last month.

8. Take a picture of where you parked. You think you’ll remember where you

parked, but if you get home in the dark or after many delays, your memory

may not be up to speed.

9. As a woman, I put my purse in my carry-on and wear a fanny pack close to my

body which has my keys, driver’s license and/or passport, credit cards, and

money. I think this is the securest and safest way to travel.

10. Download the app for your airlines. It makes it easier for boarding and you

get notifications (most of the time) when there are flight or gate changes.

11. You can always Google your flight number and airline to see where the gate is

and if it is on time.

12. Snacks are vital to take with you. The selection of in-flight snacks is not the

best. And if you buy them, the price is too high. Almonds and apple slices

are what I usually take. I don’t take whole apples as it’s embarrassing to fly

and make those loud crunching noises. Also, don’t take smelly food.

Nothing’s worse than sitting next to someone eating tuna or a boiled egg.

Enjoy your travels!


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