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12 Traveling Hacks (Part Two)

Last week I gave you 12 Traveling Hacks, Part One. Let’s dive into 12 more to help reduce stress while traveling.

1. If you have a connecting flight and are hungry, Google restaurants in your

airport as soon as you land. I did pay $27 for just a burger and fries one time,

and wished I had checked for more options to save me money. Some credit

card companies, such as Capital One, offer lounges for you to relax in, and

some have amazing food.

2. If traveling with someone else or a family, take a deck of cards. Our family was

stranded in the Paddington Train Station in London, England, from 7:00 pm to

6:00am. There were NO restaurants or bathrooms open and only a hard

bench. It was a VERY long night. Our cell phones had no international

coverage in those days. I wished we had some cards to play games to pass the


3. If you’re in a hurry while packing, only to discover you have no travel-sized

toothpaste, then empty a pill bottle and add some toothpaste to it. It worked

for me! Plus, it’s cheaper than buying a travel-sized toothpaste.

4. Take chewing gum. If the pressure in the plane is too much for your ears, then

chewing gum helps to give relief.

5. Take an empty water bottle and fill it after you go through security. I just don’t

like paying $4-6 for a bottle of water. Plus, drinking lots of water will help you,

as your body becomes dehydrated after flying, which in turn will affect your jet


6. Take a clothes pin. Why a clothes pin? It is great to hold those hotel curtains

shut if there is a light shining into your room at night or if the light comes in

when you want to sleep in. If you forget the clothes pin, then use the pants

hanger from the hotel closet.

7. Wrap your shoes in Ziplocs, shoe bags, or plastic bags. You don’t want them

touching your clothes.

8. You can hide items that are breakable, i.e. glasses, in your shoes. Just cover

with a sock and don’t forget to take them out before you put your shoe on.

9. Before you board the plane, take out any electronics, ear plugs, books, or

snacks before you put your carry-on in the overhead. It will just save time and

make things easier for you. You don’t want to get “the glare” from people as

they wait for you.

10. Double-check the little pocket before you get off the plane and look in your

seat to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

11. In your hotel room, take one of the plastic or paper cups, turn it upside down,

and put a hole in the bottom. You now have a toothbrush holder.

12. Always check the weather before you go. This helps with what to wear and


Click below to download your free TRAVEL CHECKLIST:

Travel Checklist
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Enjoy your travels!


The Attitude Adjuster

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