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12 Traveling Hacks (Part Three)

Here are the last 12 traveling hacks in my three-part series for you to have a more enjoyable experience when traveling.

1. If you find it necessary to lock your baggage, you can always put zip ties around

the suitcase luggage zipper pull tags. Just make sure you have access to

scissors when you need to get into them.

2. If you need to take your curling or straightening iron and it is still hot, put it in

an oven mitt or wrap in a dishtowel before placing in your luggage.

3. Always walk back through your room and make sure you have your phone

charger and anything else that might be left behind. Unfortunately, this is one

tip that I need to work on more.

4. Without a doubt, carry your sanitizer with you. Just think of EVERYBODY who

has been in your seat and even used the seat belt on the plane before you.

Take a mask just in case the person next to you is sick.

5. Take a plastic garbage bag for dirty laundry.

6. Make sure you have your Uber app downloaded on your phone before your

trip. I always take a screenshot of my driver information and send it to

someone I know. Maybe that’s too paranoid, but I watch lots of movies.

7. Take good ear plugs for plane or hotel. You never know when you’ll have the

crying baby behind your seat or the loud people in the room next to you.

8. Compliment the ticket agent, flight attendant, or even the pilot who lands a

good “10.” They need encouragement like everyone else.

9. Schedule flights early in the morning, as it is less likely for those flights to be

delayed or cancelled than flights later in the day.

10. Pack less. I’m finding that I don’t need the extra books, clothes, or shoes. It

will make the load so much lighter.

11. Be patient at the airport. It is what it is…airport chaos. It’s well known that

there is a shortage of employees everywhere. Just go with the flow and don’t

get frazzled. Also, remember to get to the airport early.

12. Take a deep breath and remember that any stressful situation is temporary.

Enjoy your travels!


The Attitude Adjuster

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