Controlling Coronavirus Fear

Who knew two weeks ago that our world would be turned upside down and social distancing would be a normal term? Our finances, our health, day-to-day routines, the way we go to church, and for goodness sakes, even grocery shopping is not the same. Every aspect of life right now has changed. Little did we know that this would be a precious commodity and we should have bought stock in Charmin. The truth of the matter is this: it’s a real pandemic that has caused lots of stress and fear.

Fear can be a big problem. In fact, I believe fear can paralyze you. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown, afraid that you’re not going to have enough money to pay your bills, afraid you’ll never get your job back, and afraid you’ll get infected.

If you’ve ever heard me speak, many times I do an illusion. In particular, I often do a trick which makes my head look like it’s growing big. Does my head really get big? Of course not; it’s an illusion. An illusion is a trick on your brain. It makes you see something that is not there, or visa versa. The illusion makes you think my head grows out of proportion.

This is the deal--fear blows things out of proportion. Fear will make problems bigger than what they really are. If we let our minds feed that fear, then fear will cause us to worry, have anxiety attacks, lose sleep, and even hoard toilet paper.