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Speaking Topics by Motivational Speaker, Desi Payne 

Desi can customize any of her programs for Keynotes, Professional Development Workshops, Break-Out Sessions,
and Retreats


Do You Work with the Living Dead?

Do you work with people who drag their feet into work, growl and murmur, give blank stares, aren’t engaged with their work, or poison other co-workers?


Give Me Some Chocolate...I'm Stressed!

Nobody is immune to stress. It affects your health, personal life, and professional life. Desi will give you a strategy on how to reduce and manage stress in your life.


The Magic of Connecting

Truly connecting with people requires more than just being a good communicator. 


Team Building with Humor to Empower Your Team

It’s the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity into your organization. 


The Incredible Power of Laughter

Would you like an after-dinner speaker that will involve your entire audience in laughter and activities? Are you looking to start a convention/conference in a fun and upbeat way? 


DISC Training Program

Do you want better communication with your team members? This fun session will teach you how to dramatically improve your relationships and improve communication skills.


Living in 3-D

A 3-D movie is bigger than life on the screen, and objects become so real. Like the movie, your dreams and aspirations can become bigger than life and real, too.

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game

The game is fun and engaging, yet it challenges the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values. 


Blueprint for Success Day Workshop

The Blueprint for Success workshop is a transformational one-day experience to create your ultimate productivity blueprint fueled by your purpose, passion, and vision. 


"AMAZING! Never will forget it!"

– K. Dreaden


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