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Dark Chocolate as a Food

A famous peanut butter and chocolate combination doesn’t even compare to the peanut butter and chocolates found on Etsy at My Chocolate Shoppe featuring Clean Conscience chocolates! They have a large variety of chocolates that I would consider addictive. Here is the mission of Clean Conscience Chocolate ---"Our mission is to convince people that Chocolate is FOOD - - - not candy! Our signature line of all natural healthy gourmet treats are all made by hand in small batches using the finest ingredients. They are all: PALEO VEGAN Non-GMO Dairy / Gluten / Soy-FREE, No-Refined Sugar ORGANIC (when possible).”

They go on: “Cacao is a special food with a rich cultural heritage and is incredibly healthful - after all, it’s a SUPERFOOD. Our Chocolate is 70% Cacao, Single-Origin, Organic, Biodynamic-Certified and is RAW. Its minimally processed - the beans are dried naturally (not roasted) - so that it retains the maximum amount of nutrients.”

On their other site,, they also have chocolates with 20% of pure CBD oil extract in its highest quality form.

Other products such as their raw nut and seed bark, liquid dark chocolate, and coconut joy cups are also addictive and delicious. I highly recommend these high- quality chocolates (or health food)! To get a copy of my new book, Give Me Some Chocolate…I’m Stressed! go to

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