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Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Inflammation

In my quest to learn about the benefits of dark chocolate and reducing stress, I found that there are properties in dark chocolate that can reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation will certainly reduce your stress! Dark chocolate is filled with rich antioxidants called flavanols. Flavonols help reduce inflammation in the body by keeping endothelial cells within the arteries healthy. For the best anti-inflammatory benefit, choose dark chocolate that contains at least 65-70 percent cacao.

The dark chocolate I’m featuring today is made by They produce 72% dark chocolate cubes which are great for snacks. I like to throw them in with my trail mixes. My favorite is the “Sea Salt Pistachio.”

So remember that you can reduce stress by reducing inflammation by eating dark chocolate! To order my new book, Give Me Some Chocolate…I’m Stressed! go to

Stress Less! Desi

Your Stress Less Coach

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