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Five Strategies When Working With Negative People

I would like to welcome all my new subscribers! “Do You Work with the Living Dead?” has been one of my most requested sessions. If you were recently in that session, then here is a recap of five ways to survive among negative or lifeless people:

1. Don’t Go to Their Grave: Remember not to descend to their level, as

a negative person basically wants you to be as miserable as they are.

Don’t get caught up in griping sessions or negative conversations.

2. Understand That Everyone Functions Differently: Don’t get frustrated

with people who don’t go your pace or operate at a different level

than you. We are all wired differently, and if you understand that, you’ll

be more patient.

3. Stay Away, Hide, or Distance Yourself from Them: There are times

when you must stay clear of negative people. Otherwise, you’ll

get sucked into their cloud of negativity and they’ll suck the life

out of you.

4. Be as Gracious as Possible: Reacting with kindness is a great way to

deflect negative attitudes. You can change other people’s attitudes

just by the kind gestures you make toward them.

5. Infect People with Your Positive Attitude: This is the BEST way to

zap negative attitudes in the people around you. Be contagious with

your positive attitude!

For more help on surviving among negative and lifeless people, be sure to check out my book, Do You Work with the Living Dead? and order from


Today I’ve included Episode One of “The Flying Dead.” You can also watch episodes two and three on my You Tube Channel. Have a great week!

SNEEK PEEK: Next week’s blog will be about the premiere of my new cooking show, “Cooking with a Zombie!”

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