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My Mammogram (Prior to Covid-19)

I'm kicking off this year's Stressbuster with my mammogram. Being proactive with your health is a great way to prevent stress. In the video, you’ll notice that neither I nor the technician have a mask on, as it was filmed prior to Covid-19. I want to thank Alice from Ottumwa Regional Health Center for doing an excellent job, for her years of service, and for her amazing attitude.

According to, finding breast cancer early reduces the risk of dying from the disease by 25-30% or more. Women should begin having mammograms at age 40, or earlier if they’re at high risk.

“For women over 50, mammograms are worth having,” says Barbara Smith, director of the Breast Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. "The women who die of breast cancer are predominantly women who didn't have mammograms," she says. "If you're waiting until the tumor is big enough to feel by touch, your chance of dying is greater."

Dr. Sarah Zeb from Johns Hopkins Medicine says, “If you wait to have a mammogram until symptoms of breast cancer appear, such as a lump or discharge, at that point the cancer may be advanced.” According to the American Cancer Society, early-stage breast cancer has a five-year survival rate of 99 percent. Later-stage cancer has a survival rate of 27%.

As you can see, early detection can save lives. Mammograms are a quick procedure, lasting about 20 minutes. I encourage all women to make sure they have their mammogram scheduled for 2021.

Happy New Year! Desi, Stress Less Coach

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