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New Book to Manage Stress Now Available!

You can overcome stress! Running four businesses, traveling the United States, and taking care of a family, I know what it means to be on overload! I will give you strategies to refuel, recharge, and reduce stress! You will hear how I cured my four-year-old kleptomaniac daughter, learn about my father's extreme dislike for the Progressive Lady, hear how some people get a kick out of de-stressing by changing their kitty litter, and find out why I needed to Google the word STROKE. Plus, you'll learn what Jesus did when he encountered a stressful day. You get 200 STRESSBUSTERS to help you manage your stress.

You can get a copy from www.DesiPayne.com/shop or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, or wherever books are sold.


Your Stress Less Coach

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