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No-Sew DIY Mask

This last weekend, the Attorney General urged everyone to start wearing a mask if you needed to leave your home. He even did a video showing you how to make your own mask. It was so easy that I’ve made a video to also demonstrate to you how easy it is to make without even a sewing machine, thread, or needle.

All you need is a bandanna or piece of light material (17” x 17”) and two thin rubber bands. You don’t want the thick rubber bands or else they become uncomfortable around the ears as well as pull your ears out to make you look like Dumbo.

I have to admit, when it all started, I didn’t see a need to wear the mask in a small-populated city, and I didn’t want to look dorky. Now, I don’t care how ridiculous I might look as the stakes are getting too high. Actually, when it comes down to it, you should look ridiculous not wearing a mask. I went through the grocery store check-out lane today and thanked the employee for working. She thanked me for coming and wearing protective gear.

We really can conquer this vicious disease if we follow the CDC guidelines.

My name is Desi and I’m the Attitude Adjuster.

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