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Social Distancing Ben & Jerry

Who knew a month ago that “social distancing” would now be a normal day-to-day term? I hope you’re doing well during this difficult time in life with the crisis. If you’ve seen me speak, you know that I truly believe in the power of humor. I love what Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl said: “Humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, has the ability to rise up, even for just a few moments.” If someone who lived through the heart-wrenching era of millions of human beings being massacred could understand the power of humor, then I want to reach out to others and offer a bit of encouragement through humor.

Therefore, I’ve put together some fun, light-hearted, as well as inspirational clips to brighten your day. I’ve started with the first, “Social Distancing Ben and Jerry,” and hope you enjoy it. You can find it in the clip below or on my You Tube channel.

Be safe and healthy! Desi

The Attitude Adjuster

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