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The Attitude Adjuster New YouTube Channel

Desi Payne's New Attitude Adjuster YouTube Channel

I’m thrilled because today kicks off my new YouTube channel!The videos you’ll watch are all centered around adjusting our attitudes.Since our attitudes affect our whole day, direct our entire life, and contribute to our success, this topic is so important.Our lives are affected when we’re around anyone with a negative, sour, or lifeless attitude.My goal is to help you learn how to survive with the right attitude among those negative people.

Just tweaking your attitude a little bit can reap huge dividends.Taking small action steps to change an attitude is the beginning of changing a life.You have an attitude with those in the workplace, family, friends, organizations, and places you do business.You have an attitude toward your finances, God, your health, food, and exercise.The dreams and aspirations for your life can come alive just by altering your attitude. Your attitude can even be changed when your brain is functioning properly.

Stress is one of my biggest attitude-changers.I will be giving you “Stressbusters” to help your attitude.If you know me, I am always thinking outside of the box, love being creative and innovative, and thrive on sharing a message with humor.For some of you, I’m sure you’ll be a little surprised at what you’ll watch.I’m kicking off with at six new video clips: The Attitude Adjuster, The Flying Dead, Stress Buster #1: Zombie Ice Cream, John Maxwell Conference, The Evolution of a Laugh, and Are You Living in 3-D?

So please subscribe, like, and share my videos.Thank you!I’m the “Attitude Adjuster” and thanks for tuning in!

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