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Will You Die Laughing?

Last week I spoke for an amazing group of people at the Iowa Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals. In teaching them how to survive among negative and lifeless people in the workplace, I talked about rebooting our brains. There are different ways to reboot the brain, and one of them is by laughing. Neuroscience research is conclusive that a good belly laugh will cause your brain to release the feel-good hormone, endorphins. Your body will also create T-Cells, which will fight inflammation. When you have a good belly laugh, you will also burn calories. That’s a great excuse to skip the gym! Laughing will send more oxygen to your brain, which will make you think better. Laughing is good for the heart, as blood will circulate through your body and give you more energy.

My sweet and good friend, Karen Knotts, daughter of legendary actor Don Knotts, best known as Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show, tells a story of her dad prior to him passing away. While Karen and her step-mother were in the hospital room with him, he was still making them laugh. They finally had to go out into the hallway and laugh because they began to laugh uncontrollably. She has so many fond memories of her father, and that is one of her favorites.

How often do you laugh? A child laughs and smiles on average 300 times a day, whereas an adult only 15. Why is that? A child lives in the moment. We are so busy, we miss opportunities to laugh and smile. Make sure today you find something to laugh about. LOL!

Laugh more this week!


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